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I Thought We Were Friends


At the young age of 21, Chris Borstad has struggled to become the first female manager in a home improvement warehouse. She has everything she wants: a happy home life with her live-in boyfriend, a great relationship with her boss and co-workers, and her dream job in a man’s world.

She soon finds out that her life isn't as perfect as it seems. Unexpected changes throw her into a tail spin that she has no control over and that her worst nightmares couldn't have prepared her for. She finds out the position she worked so hard for no longer exists, the man she thought loved her admits to seeing another woman, and for reasons she doesn't understand, Chris finds herself being stalked by Shannon, the woman she is training.

Before long she is breaking into Chris's home, destroying her credibility at work and with her friends, and even begins dressing like her. When Chris learns of Shannon's true intentions, she realizes the only way to stop the madness and reclaim her life is to leave town. She moves to a small remote area in Southern Oregon several hours away from her home town where she believes she can start over. But that's when the danger really begins.

Pub. Date: March 2010

Format: Paperback , 218pp

ISBN-13: 9781451522204

ISBN: 1451522207

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