Tina Britton-deCoux

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Times are tough for the demon, Temptation. Once he enjoyed his work enticing humans to sin so their souls could be marked for collection. Now no one needs inducement from him. Lying, stealing, and cheating, has become the mortal's way.

This tiny gold-mining town in northern California and the bar he has just entered appear as corrupt as all the other places he has visited. However, he senses purity amongst the squalor, and he knows he has found the one soul he must tempt. Sunset. She is as decent as he is corrupt. As good as he is evil. And more hopeful about life than any human he has encountered. He must have her.

But he soon learns he has overstepped his bounds and must now find a way to free the souls of the wrongfully damned.

His long-time enemy, the Collector, has other plans. Here to chastise him, he takes great pleasure in announcing Temptation's punishment. He must pursue his quest, in human form, with human emotions. Emotions that lead him straight to Sunset.

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