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Shipping and Deceiving


Deborah Strickland has chosen a solitary existence. Her job as a shipping manager for Consolidated Freightways is her life. The work is high stress and fast paced for Deb and her five employees, especially now, during the Christmas season.

Although she is a good and caring boss, when the day is done, so is the camaraderie.

When Deb hires a new employee to help get them through the holiday rush, the entire crew finds themselves plagued with unexplained mishaps. As their supervisor, Deb is the one they turn to for help. Caught in a strange web of lies, she is no longer sure whom she can trust.

Then one day she finds a truck driver lying in a pool of blood on the floor of her office. When the police arrive at the warehouse, the body and the evidence are gone. Now Deb must find the killer before someone else gets hurt. If not, she could be the next victim.

Pub. Date: July 2010

Format: Paperback , 248pp

ISBN-13: 9781453640425

ISBN: 1453640428

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